13th April 2020

The 2019 batch of Dynamis variometers are in the hands of customers and are flying. Pilots report that that the variometer response is immediately noticeable and different from traditional instruments. By ignoring the effects of horizontal gusts the instrument indications … Continue reading

20 June 2018

Welcome to the new look Borgelt Instruments website! Currently this is a work in progress as we update the information here.

13 May 2016

First releasable production version of Dynamis is nearing completion. At first the Dynamis sensor will be able to be fitted to slightly modified B600 or B800 hardware running new firmware. It is planned that a minimal version but with all features, will be the … Continue reading

5th April 2016

On Easter Sunday 2016 we flew the first all up flight worthy software version of Dynamis, our horizontal gust insensitive variometer system for 1.5 hours. A second flight of 1.75 hours on the Monday confirmed Sunday’s results. We do indeed … Continue reading