5th April 2016

On Easter Sunday 2016 we flew the first all up flight worthy software version of Dynamis, our horizontal gust insensitive variometer system for 1.5 hours. A second flight of 1.75 hours on the Monday confirmed Sunday’s results. We do indeed have a fast variometer, (significantly faster than the B700 we were using for comparison – itself a fast pressure transducer variometer), which reacted instantly to vertical air motion changes, excellent total energy compensation and flying through thermals we sampled which had horizontal gusts at the edges as shown on the B700, we found the Dynamis indications were steady, clearly ignoring the horizontal gusts. All was in accordance with our theoretical model of the system. It also does not matter what the duration of the gust is and installation and calibration of the system isn’t difficult. Dynamis provides 3D real time (as in NOW) knowledge of the motion of the air being flown through. Until now this desirable knowledge has only been approximated or derived, contaminated or obscured by gusts, or was available much later (several seconds to minutes). The Dynamis sensor system will now be integrated into our well proven and developed B600 and B800 variometer systems and the software further developed so the system is releasable to customers. Further announcements as we make progress but for now I can only say that we are VERY happy with these results and the path to a production instrument is clear. Thanks to Scott Percival for the use of the ASH25 and the test piloting duties and second opinion. Scott was also very impressed by Dynamis performance. The ASH 25 is a very nice glider. Easter is by coincidence a significant time for Borgelt Instruments. I went solo at Easter in 1967, we flew our first pressure transducer vario at Easter in 1981 and now in 2016 the first in flight proof that Dynamis works as a horizontal gust insensitive variometer.

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