13 May 2016

First releasable production version of Dynamis is nearing completion.

At first the Dynamis sensor will be able to be fitted to slightly modified B600 or B800 hardware running new firmware.

It is planned that a minimal version but with all features, will be the B600 or B800 main unit (fits 57mm or 80mm panel hole) plus Dynamis sensor box, so only one panel hole and nothing else on the panel required.

Configuration will be from any Android device connected to this by Bluetooth or IOIO board connection. We will be releasing a small Android app which will do the configuration and calibration of Dynamis. Source code and definitions will be made available for incorporation in glide computer programs. XCSoar already handles Macready, bugs and ballast to B600/B800 as do some other programs. The configuration setups will be more in the nature of a one off or only rarely will changes be made so whether or not the app is integrated into your glide computer program will be of little consequence.

So if planning at new panel, leave room for ONE panel hole in 57mm or 80mm size for Dynamis. It will be a must have for any pilot serious about cross country competition or record flying.

Initially Dynamis will only be available factory direct so as to better handle any questions or difficulties. There will also be limited quantities and delivery preference will be given to long time or current Borgelt Instruments customers.

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