Borgelt B300 Club variometer

80mm knots shown (available in 80mm, 57mm and metric or knots)

A simple variometer for club two seat sailplanes and early solo single seaters. B400 features without the standby power facility.

Also for ultralights and powered aircraft for soaring assisted powered or unpowered flight.

Download B300 manual as PDF file: B300manual.pdf

Available in both 57mm and 80mm sizes for easy installation in existing instrument holes, metric and knots calibrations, repeater ready, features as B400 at a lower price. (excluding standby power and competition audio mode)

B300 Club Variometer Designed to train students and new soaring pilots in use of audio from the start.

Climb optimiser – green LED lights when vario is above 20 second running average reading.

For two seat installations use B400 repeater (57mm or 80mm), metric and knots calibrations


Variometer display is by a small stepper motor driven pointer plus one high brightness LED. This provides the display with far better resolution and contrast than the LCD type pointers under all the changing lighting conditions typical in a circling sailplane. The display resolution is around 1/40 of a knot. This means a far smoother indication and much faster recognition of which way the pointer is moving particularly if the lift is weak. This is nearly 20 times the resolution of typical LCD pointers.

Audio “Up” only or full range with silent zone between 1 and 4 knots sink. A rising tone with the tone being chopped in lift. When the lift is above the running twenty second average the Green LED on the dial lights indicating that the climb is getting better.

Volume control is by a centre off toggle switch in the upper right position, averager select, lower left

The instrument optionally fitted with an external Borgelt or other 8 ohm speaker.

Total energy compensation is by TE probe making for easy installation and setup. Excellent TE probes are available from Borgelt Instruments.