The B700/B900 and B600/B800 variometers.

Originally the design of these new variometers began in September 2010
with the idea to build a digital averager display into the B400 variometer.
Many thanks to the pilots who have provided input and opinion on the
features and functionality of these new instruments which has resulted in
the considerably advanced features and functionality over the first
The B700 and B800 logarithmic scale are in production and being delivered, customer
response is very positive.
Some pilots have expressed a preference for the traditional linear scale so we have
produced the B900 linear scale version of the B700 and the B600 linear scale version
of the B800. The instruments are identical apart from the scales.
All the instruments have considerable hardware commonality with the earlier
B400/B500 and with each other.
The main features of the new instruments are:
– Unique lift trend displays and warnings, both audio and visual
– expanded scale in low range (+/- 2 knots or +/- 1 M/s)
– compressed in high range (+14 knots or +7M/s maximum indication),
for all lift strengths without switching,
– better sensitivity (pointer movement per lift unit) in mid range than
typical mechanical vario or LCD vario
– expanded audio sensitivity in low climb range
– digital display never obscured by pointer while climbing
– high contrast, high resolution stepper motor driven white pointer against
black background – LCD pointers cannot compare!
– bright, clear colour LED indicators
– innovative and informative audio
– Running average (AVERAGER) and total climb
– only one instrument of each size (57mm and 80mm), easily field
changeable for knots or metric calibration.
– clear labelling of switch functions
– B700 has standard low cost emergency power pack
– A capacity flask free replacement for mechanical variometers and far
and away more useful
– B800 includes airspeed sensor and is designed for interfacing to Oudie
or other PNA/PDA type glide computers. Only one instrument hole
required for B800 (57mm or 80mm)
– Optional soaring optimised 4 Hz GPS on B800
(same as B500GPS: 4 fixes/second))
– Optional B800 “up front”, convenient, control/display unit with internal
navigation, glide and wind computer display (GCD)(same as B500)
– future sensor technology under development for B800, interface
already built in(wind vector estimation and horizontal gust elimination)
– common repeater to both instruments includes controls
– Robust mechanical and electronic design
– glass front, not plastic
– field proven hardware and software, extended
– proven field reliability
– builds on over 5 years of B400/B500 production and over 30 years of
pressure transducer variometer production
– thousands of variometers in use worldwide
– same company, same owners
– designed and manufactured by a former championship soaring team
and a software developer with soaring experience.