Manufacturer Contact Details:

Borgelt Instruments 

ABN: 75 532 924 542
P O Box 4607
Toowoomba East
Queensland 4350
6 Marcia Street
Rangeville Qld 4350
ph: 07 46 355 784             mobile: 0428 355 5784 or 0429 355 784
Int’l: +61-746 355784     Int’l: +61- 428 355784  or +61-428 355784

email: or 


Flight Recorder Calibration 

Borgelt Instruments offers a calibration service for Flight Recorders (all types) 

Please contact us via email or phone to arrange 

Payment: We accept  EFT and Paypal  – fees may apply 

Return Policy and Information 

Return of instruments to manufacturer for repair or modification 

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL RETURNS: At all times shipping and clearance costs (if applicable) are to be borne by the customer unless advised otherwise by Borgelt Instruments. 

All countries 

  1. Please advise via email or phone if intending to return an instrument for repair or modification giving model number and serial number and brief reason.
    Please await our response before shipping as we may be able to guide you through a repair or installation problem to remove the need to ship it to us. 

From Overseas (ie not Australia) 

  1. see 1. above
  2. Method of return (i) for goods with a declared value of less than A$1000
    you may use post – airmail or express all optionally insured. We can complete the customs clearance and there is currently no charge imposed by customs for this type of clearance. We will return goods by the same method.
    If you elect to use UPS, FEDEX or DHL we will pass on the ENTRY CHARGES to you (currently approx A$52).
    (ii) for goods with a declared value of greater than A$1000 you may use POST
    (airmail or express), FEDEX, DHL or UPS (prepaid). There is an entry charge for all of these
    (approx A$45 to $55) Check with your courier company for optional prepayment of this fee.
    3. Package must be clearly labeled on the outside ‘GOODS BEING RETURNED TO MANUFACTURER FOR REPAIR’ (&/OR MODIFICATION)
    A note must be attached to outside which includes your name and address, contact telephone number, value, NOTE: Declared values should be in AUSTRALIAN dollars NOT US Dollars. Please mark as
    AUSTRALIAN Dollars on the package, description and reason for return for customs clearance purposes.
    A copy of the note MUST be forwarded to us separately by email as it is required for clearance documentation. 

Payment: We accept EFT and Paypal – fees may apply.