The new LOW DRAG miniTE is a high performance total energy source for all BORGELT variometers and any other variometer that requires one. The above image shows the obvious drag difference.

Drag of a legacy 1/4″ or 6mm TE probe can be up to 0.5% of the drag of a modern glider. We did the experiment and found that a half scale 3mm tube diameter seemed to work just as well. Extensive test flying followed, testing in flight for optimum pressure coefficient on our powered aircraft, verified by glider flight test. CNC machining makes for complete reproducibility. Insensitive to yaw and pitch.

The cheapest way to improve your glider’s performance by around one third of one percent, maybe a little  more.

  • Two hole modified Irving pattern.
  • Stainless steel, corrosion resistant operating part, stiff, lightweight carbon fiber boom, aluminium end fitting
  • Low weight (no excessive stress on the mount in the fin)
  • Fin leading edge mount to fit the standard 8mm size
  • Silicone rubber inspectable external seal
  • Fuselage mount to order

If your glider does not have a TE probe mount we can supply a suitable mount for fitting in your glider.
The fin mount probes are shipped complete, ready to install in a cardboard shipping tube