B500 Support programs

The program B500Install.zip is a zip archive containing all support files to install the latest versions of the programs on your computer and into the B500 instrument.

  •  Download B500Install.zip  to a temporary folder
  • Use Winzip or any compatible archive program to extract all the files from B500Install.zip.
  • Double-click on program setup.exe to install all the current programs.
    These will default to install in C:\Program files\B500 but you can install to another folder if you choose.

B500Install.zip Size 2.6 Mb

The following are the final definitive versions of the B500 software containing all bug fixes and refinements.

GCD program has been upgraded to allow use of a new GPS model HP-GPS-2. This will also work unchanged with the old GPS units, but is needed with the new model.
The issue date of the SP program has also been changed, but there is no actual change to the program. It is not necessary to upgrade this.

There are now two different support programs, one for each of the two different models of the B500.

B500Setup_NoCard.exe Version 1.0.108

B500Setup_Card.exe Version 2.2.23

Users with the older GCD-1 ( no mini SD card ) should use B500Setup_NoCard.exe Version 1.0.108

Users with GCD-2 ( with the mini SD card ) should use B500Setup_Card.exe

Both versions are in this zip file. Download and extract the files and put the files in your B500 folder

where you put the B500 install files.


The B500.zip file contains a file readmeB500.txt. Please read this before proceeding.

Full instructions for use are in the manual


If you want to preserve your older versions, it is recommended that you copy your existing installation to an archive folder before installing the new version.

Program upgrades

Use Factory mode as described in the manual for software upgrades.

GCD-2 program upgrades are in the GCD folder in B500.zip

You can verify your current version on the startup screen of your GCD.
Place the two files GCD_U.tea and SETUP_U.eec in the B500 folder on your mini SD card.
Insert the card in the GCD-2.
When you next power up the instrument with the GCD-2 connected, there will be a 45 second delay before the LCD comes on, during this time the new program will be written into the GCD-2.
After the upgrade, the file on the card will be renamed to GCD_D.tea to signify that the upgrade was done successfully, and to prevent it from being uploaded again. The .eec file will also be read and uploaded to update the GCD eeprom, and renamed to SETUP_D.eec. Your polar and other user settings will not be changed by this upgrade. However if the sensor processor has been updated the polar will have reverted to factory default and will need resetting as per the readmeB500.txt file.

The B500b was produced after the end of B500 production. All B500b have the GCD2 with the mini SD card. There was only one software version for this instrument.
It is not possible to run B500b software on a B500.