Superb full function variometer system

The B50 was designed to provide an outstanding variometer with all the features required by soaring pilots for cross country, competition and record flights as well as recreational fun soaring.
From the outset the B50 was designed to be connected to a separate glide computer, initially our B57 and later the PDA based glide computers like WinPilot Pro (WP Pro was in fact developed for the B50 initially) and now our panel mounted B2000 soaring computer giving pilots the ability to select the type of glide computer best suited to their individual preferences.
A GPS navigator can be connected to the B50. This can be a complete stand alone GPS navigator like a Garmin 12 XL, Pilot III, Volkslogger etc or a GPS engine like the Garmin 35 or Garmin 16 and the B50 echoes the GPS data and adds a B50 air data/control message and B50 serial number message. This composite data stream is used by the glide computer.

B50 ADUB50 panel

  • smooth, responsive vario allows quicker centering of thermals
  • extremely zero stable vario – rely on the reading
  • audio ‘significant lift alert’
  • different speed command and vario sounds
  • relative /netto vario in cruise
  • altitude compensated to 22,000ft
  • clear, unambiguous displays
  • choice of analogue display size – 57 or 80mm
  • installation is easy – no flasks, no soldering
  • metric calibration available

Demo rig

B50 test rig
Photo courtesy of the K6-team

Download B50 manual as PDF: B50man.pdf