21st Century motorgliders

For some years we’ve been working on a twin jet self launch package which can be retrofitted to many existing single seat gliders.

Current status is that we have two engines (modified AMT Titans) which produce close to 40 Kgf (88lbf) thrust each at sea level ISA standard conditions and have kerosene start (no propane).

We have also produced a pilot control unit and a display unit for mounting in the cockpit and an add on to the AMT digital engine controller to control the extension and retraction of the engine and manage the battery power systems for the two engines in order to maximise redundancy and reliability.

The sailplane has had fuel tanks, fuel system and electrical system fitted. Engine mount and extend/retract mechanisms are fitted and ground test runs of the engines are about to commence.

Full thrust from the engines will not be required which should aid reliability and longevity of the engines and a spreadsheet has been produced to predict performance.

As progress is made on the project it will be reported here on the Borgelt Instruments website.